May 22, 2010

What a Difference...

2 days can make.  :-)   A friend, who happens to be a contractor, came over Friday and started working to find out the extent of the water damage.  He pulled off some of the siding & WOW, scary stuff.  It was wet & moldy from the gutters down to the floor plate...yuck yuck yuck!! 

The guys were great (Jason Sloan & his oldest son, Jay) and got all the water damaged bits out of there and replaced.  Then put everything back together.  They worked so hard & so quickly.  Wonderful job!  The last bit of the job is the drywall inside...they replaced the bad parts & it takes a couple days to mud it & get it all prepped so we can paint it. 

On the same morning, my mom came over to help me start painting the living room.  So, the guys were working on the water damage outside & inside, mom & I are painting away in the living room, and Corey is working his hiney off downstairs at work.  Here is a picture of the hallway from the living room to the bathroom so you can see the new paint (used to be an icky beige).

Then this morning my brother comes over for our new floor installation.  About an hour into it, Corey got called to work (he's on call this week) and so I was trying to help my brother.  We made good progress and stopped for the day with just a little bit left to go.  We ran into a bit of trouble at the doorways by the bathroom and by our bedroom door (between the front door & the stairs).  So we will finish up the floors tomorrow & put on the trim.  We are SOOO happy with the floors, they look great!  Here are a few pictures. 


At 9:46 PM, Anonymous Lori Sloan said...

The house looks great you guys!


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