January 4, 2011

Happy New Year - 2011


We hope that 2010 was a good year for all of you.  We had our ups and downs but overall it was a good one for our family.  We are looking forward to 2011, what it has to offer and what we can accomplish.  We had a wonderful holiday season.  We spent a lot of time with extended family and that is always a good thing.  We just don't get to see everyone enough. 

Homeschooling is going pretty well.  We still have days that are a struggle and are frustrating but who doesn't.  Overall we are learning and making progress.  We've made new homeschooling friends and that has really helped with the morale.  A new family coffeehouse has opened in Franklin. It is called, Sodium and is for the whole family.  After attending the Open House and a few visits after they completely opened we decided to join.  Check them out if you are in our area.

Corey and I don't do New Year's resolutions but we do participate in the 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days.  This helps create long term goals & changes.  We both had a list end in Sept 2010 so we are starting new ones.  I might be posting mine here....not sure yet.  ;-) 

This year I plan on working to finish up my DONA, International birth doula certification.  In the past 4 days I have met with 2 expecting couples to interview as their doula.  If they decide we are a good fit than I will have 1 or 2 more births under my belt.  I am also hoping to get together with some other doulas. 

That's about it for now.  Hopefully, I will be blogging on a regular basis. 


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