January 28, 2011


School is going well.  Morgan has joined Alex and I to finish up the school year with physics. She finished her online science program in December (Dec to Dec).  She didn't like it and we've been researching science curriculum to find her a new one.  While we aren't ready to make a purchase, we'd rather start her in a new program at the beginning of the school year to avoid our current situation w/mid-year completion, we do want her doing science. Soo, she's doing science with Alex.  We are trying to get back in the swing with history reading (not a best for any of us) but we are making progress.  Alex is kicking it in math and will be in Teaching Textbooks grade 6 before the end of this school year.  Morgan is doing a lot of writing and creative arts on her computer. 

I am slowing removing the border in our bedroom.  It isn't easy working with my arms over my head for a long time so it is slow going.  However, I have time, no rush.   We had paint samples from a friend and one matched the #1 choice of green that we had picked out (on paint swatches) for our bedroom VERY closely.  We painted a big square on one of the walls and discovered that while the color family is correct it is too dark for us.  It doesn't seem like it on the swatch, so we will have to go lighter.  We will be going to get samples of the 2 newest choices soon and trying that. 

Morgan's knee is feeling better and she is chomping at the bit to be dancing again.  I think not being able to dance this week and just watching about did her in.  She's getting some practice in patience (sooo not her strong spot).  She will get to start back with lyrical on Monday and may dance as long as she is comfortable.  The only thing she definitely can not do this week is go up on pointe.  Doc wants her to give her knee another week or two of healing time before she tries that.

Morgan took up a big task...cleaning & sorting her closet.  She did a very good job...several things to give away to friends, several bags of clothes & misc toys to donate, and a small bag of garbage (things that were broken & just couldn't be used again).  I am proud of her for doing this and doing such a thorough job.  Also, she was adamant about giving away & donating as much as she could...not wanting it to go in the garbage & thus the landfill.   Now,  I have to help Alex with his closet.   We are really making some headway on decluttering!

Progress....I like it. 


At 10:41 PM, Blogger FairyLover said...

It's hard trying to find a new program at this time of the year. I hope you find what you're looking for.

Kathi Still trying to figure out science for my 3rd grader.


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