January 19, 2011

Knees and Knitting

What in the world do knees have to do with knitting?  Well, when you are a young lady that LOVES to dance, you've slipped on the ice and injured your knee and can't dance for at least 2 weeks then you must find something else to do with yourself.  Morgan knows how to knit, found a skein of yarn in my closet and is working on a scarf for herself.  She's listening to music as always but instead of dancing around her room or the house, she's knitting.   She went to see the Orthopedist yesterday and found out that she has a patellar ligament strain and slightly injured the upper growth plate of her tibia.  He thinks it will heal just fine as long as she gives it some rest for a bit.  She has to keep it elevated, ice it twice a day, wear a knee brace when walking around, and no dancing.  Thankfully it isn't hurting as bad as it was Thurs-Sun. 


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