January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

About 10:30pm last night it started snowing and this morning we woke up to about 3-4" of snow covering everything.  The kids were very excited.  It looked gorgeous with everything covered in a layer of fluffy white. 

Schools were closed but we still did school work. I explained to the kids that they don't have any trouble getting to school. LOL! They got most of their work done and then we all took a snow break & went out to play in the snow....even Corey. The dogs can't decide if they want to romp in the snow, eat it, or forget about it & head inside. They seem to think that snowballs are regular balls & try to catch them. The last few times we've gotten snow here it has just been the powder & isn't very fun. This was perfect snowball/snowman snow. So Corey showed the kids how to roll up the snow to make a snowman. Bella loves sticks of all sizes and kept stealing the arms off our snowman. Poor snowman! 

´╗┐The kids also made snow angels and had a snowball fight.   The weather forecast is for more snow tonight.  The schools are closed again tomorrow.  I guess we will see what happens tomorrow morning.  :-)  We just might have some more snow to play in.


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