April 26, 2012

Four Weeks - Knee Replacement

Wow...4 weeks today!!  I just can't believe it has gone by this quickly and has gone so smoothly.  I am VERY grateful that it has gone so well.

Today's PT was more of the new regimen.  The step-ups were easier than on Monday and the weighted exercises were pretty okay too.  The best part...105 degrees on my own and 115 degrees with help from the physical therapist.  Woo!!  With very little effort my knee is at 90 degrees when I let my leg dangle down off the table.  Everything is becoming a little easier each day.

I must say I am very happy with my new knee and recovery at this point.  Here is a picture of my incision/scar that I took on Monday.  All steri-strips finally came off and the incision has healed enough that I can start using cream and massage to help the scar fade and not be too tight.   I think it looks pretty good.  Corey says it definitely looks better than when the staples were in it (LOL).  The kids both just think "Ick!"  


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