April 23, 2012

Week 3 weekend

Friday I graduated to using the cane instead of the walker so this weekend was all about getting around with the cane...and learning how to get out of the chair without using the walker.  That was fun to figure out.  LOL!  On Saturday we all decided that we would try going out to lunch again.  I was hoping that I had made enough progress and had "turned the corner" so that the outing would be relatively easy.  It was.  We went to Applebee's because it is close and I wouldn't have to spend a lot of time in the car.  We had a small wait for food and a nice leisurely lunch.  We had to make a Walmart trip also but they brought me home first.  I knew I wasn't up for that kind of outing.  My leg felt really good after lunch so I was thrilled.  While Corey and the kids were gone to Walmart, I did some things around the house...unload & reload the dishwasher, get together a load of clothes & got them in the washer, and washed up the few pots & pans that were soaking.  Not bad!  Oh, and I also figured out how to get out of my recliner without using the walker.  It takes a bit of work but it is doable.  Yay me!   I also figured out that if I sit on the couch I can bend my left knee enough that I can get on my own socks and shoes.  Man, things are coming back together.  It truly is the little things in life that can make you happy.    By Saturday night my knee was a little swollen & achy...I did a lot on Saturday so that's all it was.  So on Sunday I went a little easier on it.  I'm also finding that there are times I can stretch the period between pain pills...found this out by just forgetting to take them and my knee feeling fine.  LOL!  I also noticed that I don't need ice all the time...after PT or exercising or using it a lot but not all the time like in the beginning.  Progress! 

Today marks the beginning of my 3rd week of PT.  Ashley, my physical therapist, told me that we will be adding stuff to my plan today and working on doing more stairs.  She said she'll be pushing me but it isn't anything she doesn't feel I'm not ready for.  She also warned me that I'll be sore!  Sooo...time to take my pain pill and head to PT.  


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