January 7, 2012

Small changes

Over the past couple of years, we have worked on changing how and what we eat as a family.  Shortly after we moved to TN we joined a CSA (community-supported agriculture).  That was great but we ate what we knew and wasted too much. At the end of the summer season we discovered another CSA that not only did produce but also meat & eggs.  We decided to try them that winter and have been with them since.  Basically from April - October we get fresh, local farm produce as well as local, grass-fed, pasture-raised meats & eggs.  After about a 2wk break in October we start the winter season that goes until March.  During the winter we continue getting meat & eggs as well as winter produce, preserved goods (canned or frozen from the summer season), baked goods,etc.   It is *amazing* the taste difference in fresh, local food.  You can honestly taste the difference in the meats, eggs, and produce.  Over the years we've gotten better at trying the produce we weren't familiar with, trying produce we thought we didn't like (turns out most of them we DO like when fresh & ripe), and finding new ways to eat them (raw & cooked in various ways).  However, all that time we were still buying the same stuff from the grocery store.  Now, we were still putting better quality foods in our bodies but also the bad stuff too....plus we were spending quite a bit of money in both places.  Then we saw Food, Inc. as well as Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.  We also read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.  I tell ya, eye opening!  We started cutting things out of our diet or finding more natural replacements. I cut out Diet Coke at home (where I am most of the time) and switched to iced tea.   So, we've definitely made some changes for the better over the past couple of years.  We feel good about how we are doing. 

Recently I decided that I wanted to try a few new things for myself, to improve my health.  So, for the past week I've been starting the day off with 32 ounces of lemon water and then a piece of fruit or a fruit smoothie (small amount of greek yogurt (couple of spoonfuls) and fresh & frozen fruit) for breakfast, a small lunch, and then dinner with the family.  I've also only had 2 glasses of tea each day and the rest water.  Amazingly, I have NOT been hungry, haven't had any cravings, and no headaches,etc.  I've been feeling great!  Tonight we went out to dinner and I totally ate too much and I could soooo feel it!  I have DEFINITELY learned that it isn't worth it.  I have a plan for the next time we eat out. 

Once or twice the kids have joined me in having a smoothie for breakfast...and they've loved it.  Tomorrow I plan on adding some kale to the smoothie.  :-)  I can't wait to see how it goes. 

Now to get moving some more.


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