August 23, 2011

Go, Go, Go

We have been on the go for the past several days. Last Wednesday Corey and I got a great night out.  We had tickets to see Train and Maroon 5 in concert in Nashville.  My mom and brother kept the kids for us.  We headed into Nashville early to find a parking spot for the night.  Then we walked down Broadway to our dinner destination, Big River Grille & Brewing Works.  It was delicious, especially the asiago artichoke & crab dip! If you ever go there...try it.  After dinner, we took a slow walk back up Broadway to the Bridgestone Arena for the concert.  I bought our tickets at a pre-release sale and got us floor seats.  Our seats were great...just 15 rows from the stage!  O-M-G we had such a good time!  The concert was FABULOUS!  And we agreed that we definitely didn't take some time out for us as a couple often enough and will be doing some dates soon.   Thursday was our 11th anniversary.  We had no specific plans for Thursday since we celebrated Wednesday night with dinner out and the concert.  But we had a delicious home cooked meal with foods all from our CSA ... filet mignon, buttered potatoes, and steamed green beans.  Couldn't have been better.  Friday was another night of music & fun....Corey took Morgan and her friend, Madi to dinner at Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Nashville and then to the Katy Perry concert.  They had such a wonderful time.  While Corey and the girls did all of that, I took Alex and his friend, Quent, to dinner and then to open fencing hosted by Cheney Fencing. Alex has been taking fencing lessons through them since May and LOVES it.  They fenced for 3 hours and then I took them to Steak 'n Shake for shakes as a treat.  Corey's mom, stepfather and aunt all came to TN during all of this so they could be here for our nephew's wedding on Saturday.  Early Saturday afternoon we all headed over to Tullahoma to be with family.  My brother, Michael, and I were taking pictures for the wedding.  We visited and took pictures before the wedding, during the wedding & after.  It was beautiful and we welcome Tonya into the family and wish them many years together.   On Sunday, we headed back over to Tullahoma just to get together with family, hang out and visit.  Corey's mom surprised him with a birthday cake (yea, I kept that secret!) since his birthday is this Thursday.  :-)  Today, Corey's mom, stepdad & aunt came over to our house to visit for a while and we went out for a late lunch.  We don't get together with everyone often enough and really tried to  make the most out of the time we had to visit with everyone.  We think we managed to do that pretty well.  Corey's cousin's death a couple weeks ago serves as a reminder to all of us that we need to see family as often as we can and tell them how much we care for them every chance we get because you just never know when it will be the last time.  Corey and I feel like we definitely need to get it together so we can visit NY and all our family there.


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