May 1, 2011

Surprise Master Bedroom Makeover

Corey and I have been planning to paint our bedroom since we moved in almost 5 years ago.  Typically it is something that kept getting pushed to the back burner.  A while back we decided to remove the carpet from the house and we started with the living room.  That began the slow makeover process that we wanted for each room.  Once we completed the living room we said our bedroom was next.  When we received our tax refund we purchased the flooring (same as the living room) and a short time later we agreed on a paint color.  As luck would have it, projects exploded at work and he's been working crazy hours with changes on the weekends so we have not had time to do anything with the room yet.   He was sent to Gaithersburg, MD for 2 weeks for work.  I talked to the kids and got them on board...we were going to makeover the bedroom while Corey was away and make the whole thing a surprise!  The kids helped me move all of the bedroom furniture into the living room, except the bed...kingsize & wouldn't fit anywhere.   We then took a couple days to paint the bedroom.  Here are some pictures....

Empty master bedroom before - beige walls & icky beige berber carpet

Better picture of icky beige walls & carpet - we picked the green on the left

Morgan helping to cut in around windows & baseboards

Alex helping to paint (dark green was failed paint option)

Morgan painting

Alex painting

Painting completed!

Better lighting...painting completed!

Pretty spring green

Once we had all of the painting completed and cleaned up.  We gave the room a day or two to dry completely before moving on to the next step...carpet removal.  We were now starting week 2 of Corey being away. Alex and I propped the bed against one wall and cut the carpet into a couple of sections for easier removal.  Since it was evening, we started with half of the room.  This half of the carpet was in the worst condition but the padding was easy to remove (unlike the padding in the living room).  We then pulled up tack strips, scraped the floor and vacuumed up all the dust & dirt.  The following morning we then repeated everything again for the other half of the bedroom.  Then the floor was all ready.  Thanks to Jason & Lori Sloan for letting me borrow a floor scraper!
Carpet & padding removed from half of the room

Halfway there with the carpet

This pic is to show how different the green is from the curtains we were originally wanting to match.  We decided that we didn't want that will be doing new curtains.

I had 3 days of plywood floors in the bedroom between removing the carpet and the flooring going down. I can tell you that it felt so weird that I did not walk around barefoot. LOL! 
Flooring goes in on Thursday!!  Thanks to my brother, Michael!

New wall color and new flooring!

Bedroom back together! Picture on the wall was our inspiration.

Bedroom complete - new curtains are next

Completed bedroom

And here is Corey's reaction when he got home...


At 6:38 PM, Anonymous Kim said...

LOVED his reaction!!! Good job, my friend! : )

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