October 23, 2011

Return to Normal?

We have had a busy couple of months with all 4 of us in the community play, Pinosio.  Last night was our first performance and today we had performances 2 & 3.   We had a fabulous time and the shows went great!  Tomorrow starts our return back to "normal" busy for our family.  This is the kind of busy that I'm used to and can handle.  As much fun as we had with the play, I'm looking forward to getting back into our usual schedule.

This past week I've had a lot of pain in my left knee.  Now, I have aches in both knees off & on all the time.  I was told several years ago (at least 6...we were in Tampa at the time) that I had some arthritis in my knee.  Ok, runs in the family.  What are you going to do?  This time the pain seemed to be for no reason, I didn't do anything (at least that I remembered) so I gave it a couple days & decided that enough was enough.  I had better get it checked to make sure I hadn't done something serious to it.  I went to the Ortho Friday morning, knee x-rayed...news not good.  On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the best & 10 the worst...no cartilage in the joint), I'm at a 9.  He couldn't believe I hadn't come in earlier with pain & wasn't having pain more often or continuously.  Eeek!  He said knee replacement is in my future and the only "cure" for my knee.  I got a cortisone injection (scared the crap out of me but honestly, didn't hurt....thank goodness).  He prescribed me a couple things and said we will just keep holding surgery off as long as possible.  No arthroscopic surgery will help because there is no cartilage or anything to fix or clean up.  I'm bone on bone at this point.  Well, 24 hours after that shot and my knee is feeling wonderful! I know it is temporary, but I'll take it.


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