October 4, 2011

South Beach Diet - Week 1

About 10 days ago I decided that I wanted to try the South Beach diet to see how I felt with it and how it worked for me.  Morgan told me she wanted to try it too and then Alex piped in.  Corey and I did some research to see if this would be something that would be safe for the kids.  The reality is either I can change what I eat and only what I eat or we can make it more of a family change....but I want it to be something safe for them.  We found out that South Beach is healthy for kids and teens as long as they do not do the 14 day induction / phase 1.  Which is just fine with me, I feel that all of us need some of each food group but how much of each truly depends on the person and what is going on with them.  I've been diagnosed with PCOS w/insulin resistance.  I need to limit my carb intake and the ones I do eat need to be as close to the whole, real (non-processed) food as possible.  Sooo...after going to the grocery store last weekend, we started South Beach on Monday.  I started with phase 1 and the kids with phase 2.  I honestly didn't think Alex would be able to do it because he relies on carbs for a lot of his food intake.  Well, color me surprised at how well he did this past week.  I'm very proud of him for challenging himself and stretching his limits (and comfort zone) to eat differently and try a few new things.  :-)   Our dinners are slightly modified so that we are able to have family dinners using what we receive from our CSA and what we can afford.  Today was the end of week 1 and so the 3 of us weighed in to see if there were any results.  Alex lost 1.4 lbs this past week, Morgan lost 2.0 lbs, and I lost 8.7 lbs.  None of us were starving, we were eating a healthy diet, and we felt good.  We had a couple of meals over 2 days that were off from the South Beach plan.  We still made the best choices we could with those meals.  I'm proud of all of us.  We are doing a second week to see how we do.  What we are all taking from this is that if we are making good choices most days, that a little treat or special thing every now & then won't hurt us.


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