October 6, 2011

Morgan is 13! Happy Birthday!

Today, our precious girl turned 13!  Where has the time gone??  Wasn't she just a baby yesterday? Some how time has flown by and we have a teenager in our house.  Our little girl is becoming has become a beautiful young lady.  Part of turning 13 was getting to open a Facebook account, which she did.  We took her out for a birthday lunch, made cupcakes to share at play practice tomorrow and she's celebrating with a friend on Saturday.

Morgan on her 13th Birthday! 

Morgan and Daddy at Fujiyama - 13th Birthday lunch

Happy 13th Birthday my sweet girl!  Our lives haven't been the same since you entered the world on that cool  night with a bright, full moon.  You are our shining star and don't ever forget it!  We love you!


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