January 4, 2012


How in the world did we get to January 2012 already?  Well, another year has come & gone and we've arrived at a new one.  Somehow the new year always feels like a fresh slate but it isn't...you still have everything with you.  We don't wipe the slate clean & start over each year.  The best you can do is learn from the past and keep moving forward. 

Corey's work has been as busy, or busier, than ever.  He managed to take some time off around the holidays.  He enjoyed the time with the kids, baking cookies, delivering cookie trays, doing some stuff around the house and staying up late & sleeping in.  He's back in the thick of it and hopefully there will be some good work-related news coming soon. 

I had one client have her baby a few days before Christmas and another is due in February.  I'm networking with other birth professionals and hoping for more clients.  Always reading to learn more.  Recently I've been debating on adding childbirth education to my skills.  We shall see what I decide on that. 

Morgan is officially taking 7 dance classes/4 days a week.  She loves it so much.  Recital this year should be quite the adventure.  She is also active in BK4K - By Kids For Kids - our local theatre group for kids that performs for donations & puts all monies received towards helping other kids participate in the arts. 

Alex is still enjoying his fencing classes.  He received Best Effort award in his age group at the end-of-the-year party.  He takes 1 class/1 day a week and can attend Open Fencing every Friday night.  The next tournament he will participate in will be in April.  He is also active in BK4K. 

I want to do better at updating the blog.  I'm working on some goals and would like to post about it.  So, until next time, good night.


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