April 3, 2012

Kelly's Surgery - Total Knee Replacement

Last Wednesday, March 28th,  I had a left total knee replacement.  Since I had to be at the hospital at 5:30am, Alex spent the night with GC.  Morgan was getting picked up for her mother's helper job so she stayed home.  So the 28th started early as I showered and grabbed my bags to head up to the hospital.  I was taken back to surgical holding around 6:10am.  While hanging out I got a warm air blanket (pretty neat), my IV, talked to my surgeon, the anesthesiologist, and the nurse anesthetist.  My knee started bothering me during the wait and once I had talked to everyone the nurse anesthetist gave me some medication in my IV to help the pain.  I remember being taken to the OR, scooting over to the other table and getting settled.  I was asked again what procedure I was having done and which leg.  Someone in the room brought up that I was a doula and I got to talk about being a doula for a few minutes.  Then they were ready and they mentioned calling the anesthesiologist and they switched from the nasal cannula to the oxygen mask.  That is the last thing I remember.  lol    The next thing I know I'm coming to in the recovery room.  The clock on the wall said 10:28am and my nurse was Don.  I had ice chips, kept getting encouraged to wake up, wiggle my toes & cough.  I remember hearing them call Corey to tell him what room they would be taking me to but I don't remember the ride or transfer to the regular room.  Corey and I had planned for him to go home for a while and take care of the dogs.  He came into my room as the nurses were taking care of me and getting me all settled.  I was very nauseous from the anesthesia but otherwise felt great.  The Physical Therapist came by and they got me up out of bed in the mid-afternoon.  It was only about 10 steps right next to the bed, but still it was wonderful.  Morgan was brought up to the hospital about 7pm and they brought food for Corey since he hadn't eaten.  My mom and Alex got there about 7:30pm.  Corey then took the kids home about 8pm.  Mom was staying the night with me.  My nighttime nurse had a great personality and took great care of me.  He was fun to joke around with but was right there with my meds & ice when needed.  The biggest thing I didn't like about the hospital is that they woke me up at 4am to change my dressing, help me bathe & get up into the chair before breakfast.  Egads!! I did some sleeping in that chair.  ;-)  Mom went home for some sleep Thursday morning and my brother came up to hang out.  He did lots of reading but also got me some chocolate.  PT got me up twice on Thursday and I walked around the halls.  Friday we had a repeat of Thursday but I got discharged Friday afternoon.  The ride home wasn't fun (is it ever?) but coming up the steps at home was nice.

I take my meds when I'm supposed to and I'm doing my exercises.  So far everything seems to be going well for me.  I had home PT come out on Monday but I don't care for the PT or how the company is dealing with things.  I go see my Orthopedic Surgeon tomorrow and I'm asking him if I can just switch out to outpatient PT and skip the whole "in home" thing.   Today, I was dying to get out of the house so Corey helped me step out on the deck and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine for a little while.

Nursing & Tech Staff: Whitney & Penny (Wed), Kyle & Rachel (Wed night), Whitney and Bob & Mandy (Thu), April & Kirrell (Thu night), Whitney and Bob & Mandy (Fri) -- They were all wonderful!!  My plan is to take them a little something next week.


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