February 9, 2012


Small changes...how are they going? The changes are going well.  I've started almost every day with 32 oz. of lemon water.  The smoothies are hit & miss but we do add kale or spinach to them and they are delicious.  The other days I have a small breakfast and move on.  I've lost about 12 pounds so far and feel great about it.  The fact that the changes are sticking is the best part of all.  My jeans, which were already a little bit baggy, are now a lot baggy.  Corey says it is time for me to get some that fit.  LOL!  I don't wear jeans that often so I'm not in a rush.  I don't wear them at all when the weather is warmer so I will probably wait until the end of summer to order new ones.

What changes are you making?


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