April 24, 2012

Week 3 of PT

Started week 3 of PT on Monday and it was great...exhausting but great!  I can now bend my left knee 101 degrees on my own and 110 degrees with help!  I'm so stoked.  The 110 was NOT comfortable at all...but my knee can do it.  The rest of my regimen was bumped up a level.  I did a new machine for bending my knee and working my hamstring.  I also started doing step-ups...stepping up using my left leg without pulling myself up with my arms...man, those are HARD right now.  All of my other exercises are the same but now involve ankle weights.  I was sore by the end of it but it was a "feels good" sore...you know you worked it and earned it.  I'm doing great with the cane as well.

Monday was a tough day for me, I over did it.  :-/   I drove Morgan to her mother's helper job which is about 30-35 minutes away.  Shortly after returning home I drove to PT and did that for an hour.  Then a couple hours later drove back to pick up Morgan.  By the time we got home I was very uncomfortable and needed to have my leg elevated and have ice on it.  It took a while for things to calm back down but they did.  Corey had to go to the office in Brentwood today and tomorrow so Monday night I didn't set an alarm for my usual "middle of the night" pain pill.  I just took it when he got up at 5:30...that worked out just fine.  

Today was better with the knee.  I took Morgan to the dentist and then to her job.  However, we made arrangements for the mom to bring her back to town for dance.  I'm so thankful that she has been willing to pick up and drop off Morgan while I had surgery and am going through recovery.  I took Alex to fencing and then we relaxed the rest of the afternoon at home.  Corey was at the office so I went back out to pick up Morgan from dance but it wasn't until 7:30 so had plenty of relaxing time.  Unfortunately, today was emotionally exhausting.  I found out this afternoon that a friend of 14 years lost her 22 year old son unexpectedly.  My heart is breaking for her and the entire family.  I wish there was something I could do to make this better, easier for her, but I know there isn't.  I can be here as a friend and that is it.  If you are inclined, please keep my friend in your thoughts and prayers.  I know she will need them.  


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