November 14, 2013

Long lost Larabies

I came across the link to our website and realized just how long it has been since I've posted anything.  I do things in spurts anyway but I think this is worse with blogging because of Facebook.  Basically all of my family and all of our friends are on Facebook so they "see" what we are up to all the time.

However, I realized that I missed this.  I feel like we are the long lost Larabies because we've been absent from the blog for so long.

I'm hoping to get back into it.  We shall see.  No promises.  Maybe I'm feeling nostalgic with the holidays quickly approaching...or with the kids growing up so fast...or a combination.

Corey is busy with work.  There has been another reorganization in the company and he now has several more employees under his management.  There is news that the whole company is in the process of being bought by a Canadian company.  No, we don't have to move to Canada....although if we did have to we wouldn't have a problem with it at all!  Hmm, too bad they aren't "making" us.   He just got back from a business trip to Maryland and will be going again right after Thanksgiving.  Then the following week he is off to Ohio.  From the sounds of it, there is more travel in his future.  He doesn't particularly care for travelling so this doesn't thrill him.

I have partnered up with 4 other doulas to create a group that helps women during pregnancy, birth, and afterwards.  We hold monthly meetings that are educational and social, we provide birth and postpartum doula services, as well as help with breastfeeding, loss, Blessingways, and more.  Our goal is to create a village for women during the childbearing years.  We met for the first time in Nov 2012 and had our grand opening in February 2013 so we have been together a year.  Things are going pretty well!  We hope to keep growing.

Morgan is in 10th grade, taking Honors and pre-AP courses and planning for college.  She attended an academic camp at Clarkson University this past summer and since then has been researching, planning and preparing to head off to college.  She is currently performing in a play in Spring Hill, on the bowling team at school, and helping with our doula group.

Alex is in 7th grade and still homeschooling.  He is all about the computer and being online.  He interacts with friends all over the world in various online games, especially Minecraft.  He has his own server (with the help of dad) where he can run his own Minecraft mods.  I believe he had 3 growth spurts this summer and has officially surpassed me in I'm officially the shortest person in the family.

Last month, we lost our cat, Kali.  She got sick and when we took her into the vet she was in severe kidney failure and there was nothing that could be done.  We were all very sad and Alex had the hardest time.  He was the first of us that touched Kali when we first found her (she was just a couple weeks old) and once we got her she claimed Alex as her own and mostly put up with the rest of us.

I think that is it for now.  Hopefully, you will see more from me.  :-)  


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