May 7, 2012

Week 5 - Knee update

Where did week 5 go??  I am making progress and recovery is still going smoothly.  I'm driving the kids all around, even drove up to Nashville one day.  I get around the house without the cane most of the time.  First thing in the morning and when I'm really tired are 2 of the times that I don't because I'm too unsteady.  PT is going well...we've upped the weights that are used when I do my exercises, we've added some exercises too.  I had a couple days where I didn't feel like I was making progress but after talking to my physical therapist I'm feeling much better.  At the time, my range of motion in my knee was remaining constant and that was frustrating me.  But, I was doing more...starting to walk around the house without the cane, being able to ride in the car for longer periods of time, going most of the day with no pain medication, doing more around the house for longer periods of time,etc.  Sooo, I was progressing, just in different areas.  I'm able to massage my scar now with any lotion or cream.  This should help it be a smaller scar.  We shall see.  ;-)

Wednesday will be 6 weeks!  I can't believe it.  I start aquatherapy at PT.  I will use the underwater treadmill to help with my walking and normalizing my gait.  There are also some strength exercises that they have you do while in the pool.  Then I'll continue with my regular PT afterwards.  I can't wait.  Weird how excited I get about PT.  LOL!

I keep thinking that I should be "back to normal" but it really hasn't been that long for what all they did to my leg.  I have to remember to take it easy some, I'm still in recovery.


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