August 7, 2012

August = BIG changes

Apparently August equals big changes here at the Larabie house.  After some discussion it was decided that Morgan would enter public school for the very first time.  We've actually discussed it off & on for 2 years now, always defaulting to the "non-decision" method and continued with the status quo.  This year we felt it was a good time for her to give it a go.  So, after jumping through some hoops, plenty of drama (from the school not Morgan), we got her enrolled!  We spent the first day (all 2.5 hours of it) getting her registered.  The second day, she rode the bus (first time!) and went to pick up her schedule...which wasn't spent 3 hours hanging out in the auditorium and then finally got her schedule in time to attend the last 2 blocks (4 blocks plus homeroom & lunch each day) and ride the bus home.  Finally, on Friday, she had her first WHOLE day at school.  *phew*  It has only been a few days, we've had our ups and downs, a serious adjustment is happening here. I am SOOO proud of her for jumping into this!!

As if that isn't enough of a change for us, I am getting a "regular" job.  I absolutely LOVE being a doula (and would LOVE to find an apprenticeship with a midwife) but I just am not getting clients so I can help our family financially.  :-/  It is frustrating, but I know it takes time to build a business and I will keep at it.  Right now, we have some things that we need to take care of and this is what will help do that.  I've interviewed for a tech support position and have training coming up in 2 weeks.  I don't know what hours I'll be working so that could really make this a juggling act...time will tell.

Alex is still homeschooling.  The few things we needed for him have been ordered and should be arriving today and tomorrow.  Then it is full schedule for him.  His big changes will come once we know what hours I'll be working.  He will work independently while I'm at work, then work with me or Corey when we are available.

Morgan auditioned for and got a part in a play in the town just north of us.  The play is Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon.  She got the part of the Enchantress, which is the Rapunzel story.  She just accepted another part because someone stepped down, and will also be playing a princess in the Frog Prince story.  Rehearsals just started this past week so she's not behind or anything. She has several friends in the play so she's really excited to go to rehearsals.  I can't wait to see how they do with this play...the script is great.  Definitely for older kids...but that is the nature of the Brothers Grimm...their stories aren't like D*sney puts them on.  LOL!

Dance starts at the end of the month.  She has decided to drop a couple classes...hip hop and pointe.  She had been so excited about pointe when she got the chance to take it and it wasn't how she thought it would be.  She prefers ballet to pointe.   So, she will be taking ballet, tap, jazz, and an extra ballet class.  She will audition for the Intensive group again.  Also, come January, she will take lyrical again.  So, she could be up to 6 classes by mid-year.  But for now, she's starting with 4.

Now that we have all these changes in the midst, Corey's work has decided that he needs to travel twice...very soon.  LOL!  Funny how he doesn't travel for years, then travels once, goes a long time with no travel and BAM! right when we make some serious changes at our house they want him to travel back-to-back.  Good thing the kids and I are really good at continuing on whether he's at work or travelling.  He's going for some power meetings so hopefully that means good things.  :-)


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