May 14, 2012

Weekend and Knee Update

Hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day weekend.  I got to spend the whole weekend with my husband and had some quiet time on my own Saturday night while hubby took the kids to see a movie that I had no interest in seeing.  They needed some time together and I enjoyed my quiet time.  Unfortunately, while I was on my own I got up "funny" out of my recliner and seemed to have tweaked my GOOD knee!  Sunday was very nice.  I got to sleep in, received very sweet cards for my wonderful husband and kids along with some goodies.  We had a relaxing day and then they took me out to dinner at Olive Garden.  We had a delicious dinner and then went to visit my mom at work.  My good knee was hurting all day and I was rather frustrated with myself.  Six weeks post-surgery and I mess up my other knee...not good!

This morning I had PT and aqua therapy.  I'm doing great on the NuStep (recumbent stepper) and am up to almost 1/2 mile on it.  The black band exercise doesn't increase or change, the hamstring leg machine was increased in weight, step ups are becoming easier, and we added mini-squats last week and those are a little easier.  My table exercises are good...we've increased the weight on some of them.  Today, after doing all of my exercises and stretching out my knee...I was able to bend my knee 117 degrees on my own!!  Then I was sent to the pool.  All of that routine is the same except each time I've increased the speed on the underwater treadmill...just not sure what it was on today because I was walking & not watching as she increased the speed.  LOL!

My good knee is feeling better...not quite 100% but definitely better.  So I don't think I did anything horrible to it.

Wednesday I have PT, aqua therapy and then I go upstairs to see my Orthopedist.  I'll update then.


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