June 27, 2012

Catching Up

Apparently, I am not doing so well with the whole blogging thing.  LOL!  As it has been quite some time since I've posted anything.

Tomorrow will mark 3 months since my knee replacement surgery and all is well.  I finished physical therapy at the end of the 9 week mark.  I actually miss going.  It was good for me mentally, socially & physically.  I am moving around very well.  My gait is pretty close to normal, my balance is much better than it was, I am going up and down most stairs alternating feet (like normal), and my stamina for standing & walking around seems to be pretty close to normal....better than before surgery & after.

Alex participated in a research study at Vanderbilt about reading and the brain. He was a champ...spent 2 days at Vanderbilt University doing numerous tests and even several activities during an MRI scan of his brain.  He was given a printout of several different views of his brain from the MRI and he will be receiving compensation in the mail.  He got along very well and held his own during conversations (most of the science related) with the research students.  I think he was in his element.  Maybe he'll go to Vandy in the future.

Both kids auditioned and received parts in a community play.  It is 12th Nite (an adaptation of Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare).  They have rehearsal every week night so that has put us in a busier mode than usual during the summer.  Fencing has been slow for Alex between him being sick, his coach getting Mono, and some camps that they've held.  However, he is looking forward to getting back to it and hopefully a more advanced class.  Morgan has had a month of dance, which helps keep the summer from being TOO bored and missing dance so much until things start back up in August.

Our CSA deliveries are going strong.  I'm working for them this season and I love it.  I'm an admin in our facebook group, I take pictures of share boxes and I update the website each week with the harvest and pictures so members can identify what they are receiving.  I've also done a few customer service tasks.  We were invited to visit and mingle with other employees and families this weekend while celebrating the 4th of July.  We are looking forward to it.

Corey was promoted to manager recently at work.  He's busier than ever.  He works with some great people and they all work so darn hard.  I hope their company appreciates them!  I know we appreciate how hard he works to take care of us.  This coming weekend will be his first off in a month.

Speaking of time off....we are getting ready to go on VACATION!  We are driving up to Tupper Lake to visit Corey's parents, brothers & their families.  It has been 7 years since we've been back to Tupper Lake...long overdue for a visit.  Poor Alex hasn't seen some relatives since he was 4 so is having trouble remembering everyone.  After a visit there, we are taking the kids to Poughkeepsie (where Alex was born) and then into New York City for the day.  We'll also be meeting up with some friends.   Then off to Delaware to visit Dogfish Head Brewery & their restaurant as well as spend 2 days at the beach in DE. Then we are heading to Corey's aunt & uncle's place in the mountains in North Carolina for a few days of relaxation before heading home.


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