September 25, 2007

Where is Autumn??

Ok, it is officially Autumn but we don't have the gorgeous weather that is supposed to come with it! We had a week of teaser weather but it hasn't returned yet. Please come back cool weather! We miss you. We know we won't be getting the beautiful, color palette of leaves this year due to the drought but we would welcome the cool weather with open arms.

Over the weekend we bought a chiminea at Lowe's. It is similar to the one in the link. We can't wait to use it. Corey already cut up the wood from the cedar stump in our yard so we have some lovely cedar wood to burn. Gawd it smells so good! Alex wants to roast marshmallows. lol

We also had soccer games and soccer pictures. About 4 hours at the soccer field and unfortunately it was a HOT day! Ugh.

On Sunday Corey's brother came to visit. He's in the reserves and was activated for a year. Thankfully he is NOT being sent to Iraq but is stationed at the military hospital at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. This is really great because it is only 2 hours from us and about 2 hour from their stepbrothers over in Tullahoma. So while he will miss his wife and boys, he does have 3 brothers & their families close by. Once he gets his schedule we plan on having a lot of visits.

We head up to New York in 2 weeks! I can't weather, beautiful colored leaves!! And hopefully some apple picking. I'm checking on apple orchards so we can go apple picking.

We are off to my brother's house to pick up our new kitten! I'll post pics after we get home.

September 22, 2007

The Head Idiot

** WARNING -- Political rant by a pissed off Mama**

UGH!! I didn't vote for him either time, wouldn't if he was running for office all alone. I'd rather have a trained chimp in charge for all that he has done to try to destroy our country, the people that live here...except those that are independently wealthy....and making our country a laughing stock of the world. He doesn't give a rat's @$$ about anyone or anything but his cronies and his war agenda and this is just further proof.

Bush Vows To Veto Bipartisan Kids' Health Care Bill

He is such an ass! He is going to veto the whole darn thing just because he can and the Democrats have added to it trying to cover MORE poor children that don't have health coverage. This isn't about covering people already covered. Even with the money in the system there are still millions of children that are still without health care. My daughter was covered by the NY CHIP program for a short time. It is necessary, very helpful, and takes care of children. Raising the cigarette tax and using it to insure children isn't the same as raising taxes on everyone. People CHOOSE to smoke. If you don't want to pay the higher tax than don't buy cigarettes...and gee, you and your children will be healthier. Bush just wants all the money to go to his losing war effort. I can't wait until he is out of office. I don't like to wish ill on people because I believe that the energies you put out into the universe come back to you three-fold and I don't want that coming back to me. However, I do hope that he is paid back in spades for all that he has done to the people of this world...and I have to say world because he has done wrong to more than just the Americans. He claims to believe in God and be a Christian but I don't think I've ever known a more selfish, sneaky, immoral, evil person in all my life. He claims to be fighting terrorism and he has become a terrorist. The death of thousands of US men and women in our Armed Forces are on HIS head...he sent them to war based on a lie and a personal agenda. I can't watch any of his television addresses or listen to his radio address because I think everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie, he looks & sounds like a smug SOB, and he makes me want to vomit.

September 17, 2007

Updates - Pics and Videos

I've been busy resizing pictures so I could make some new photo album pages. I've also uploaded 2 videos of the kids while doing some science experiments....good ole Diet Coke and Mentos. :-)

I have recent pics of the kids, new pictures of Kali, and pictures of the kids' bedrooms. Told ya I've been busy. Picture links all on the right sidebar.

Here are the videos I was talking about...

Enjoy! :-)

September 16, 2007

New Pics

I have put up pictures of our visit to The Parthenon in Nashville. It was a fabulous field trip and pictures just don't do it justice.

The link is on the sidebar --->>

Enjoy. I'm working on resizing pictures so I can put up recent pics of the kids & such.

September 14, 2007

Sick and Tired

Alex has been sick for a week, some kind of respiratory thing. It started as a cold but triggered his asthma. It came on suddenly & is hanging on. Poor kiddo has been getting cough medication, nebulizer treatments and not getting to do much. He also doesn't eat when he's sick...just like his Daddy in that regard. We were planning on calling the Pediatrician this morning but he woke up sounding better and didn't cough nearly as much...yea. Then tonight his stomach starts bothering him. :-( He missed our field trip to the Parthenon in Nashville on Tuesday but went to HP Club (it was at the park and we kept him close to us & away from the kids some). Then missed bowling on Wednesday, soccer practice on Thursday and will miss the soccer game tomorrow. I really hope he is better so next week he can get back into the swing of things. I hate hearing him cough so much and so hard.

Morgan was sick for a couple days but nothing like Alex. She had some sniffles & a sore throat but it only lasted 2 days. *Phew*

Corey has had sniffles & congestion & general "icky" feeling all week as well. Some how I managed to escape it all ... so far! *knock on wood*

September 10, 2007

Where have I been?

Goodness it has been a while since I've written anything here. Sorry! :-) All of our fall activities have started, we've been doing stuff with GC to help her & enjoy some of the time off she had recovering from her surgery. She's doing great! Alex and I took her to the mall to pick up her glasses and she walked all cane, no wheelchair, no nothing. It was great. She starts back to work, very part-time, tomorrow. Today she started physical therapy.

Both kids are bowling in the fall homeschool bowling league and doing good. They are both doing soccer this fall as well. We've had practices and first games already. I think both coaches are very good in different ways. Alex's coach admits he isn't a soccer guru but wants his son & the others to enjoy the game & have fun. He has had some help so he can teach them the basics and learn parts of the game. Perfect coach for this age group as far as I'm concerned. Morgan's coach is a very sweet guy & his daughter is on the team. He's good at soccer and is great at communicating to the girls, even during the games to help them learn the process of the game. He switches them around from offense to defense and they take turns being goalie. Again, perfect for this age group & level. :-) Morgan's dance classes are going well so far. We had to get her new tap & jazz shoes because her feet grew over the summer. LOL! Thankfully we bought her ballet shoes big right before recital so those are still good.

We've had horrible drought conditions here in our area...heck the whole state. Check out this interactive graphic:
TN Summer 2007 Drought

We finally got some much needed rain yesterday. Not nearly enough...we are over 20 inches short of what we should have at this point. Everything is dead or almost dead. The leaves have already turned on a bunch of trees and are falling off. Fall will not be the colorful delight it normally is.