January 31, 2008

Dad/Grandpa Paul


Dad/Grandpa Paul,
We wanted to take this time (and space) to wish you a wonderful 60th birthday. We wish we could all be together to celebrate it. We sent you a special email birthday greeting but then read that internet is down in Saudi Arabia. Hope you get it soon. We love and miss you.

Kelly, Corey, Morgan and Alex

January 25, 2008

For Children Lost ~ An Appeal to Mothers

I am posting this to help spread the word for a friend. A friend of her's is creating a space, a wailing wall, for mothers that have lost a child or children (regardless of age). Please pass along the url to anyone that might be interested. I've never lost a child and I hope I never have to know exactly what that feels like. But I know mothers who have lost a child and I think providing a space that might help any one of them is a wonderful thing.

Here is the link...please pass it along.

For Children Lost ~ An Appeal to Mothers

January 20, 2008

Earth Hour 2008

We have decided that we will be participating in Earth Hour 2008 on March 29th. Here is a video about it and a link to the web site. We, all of us, must do something to help slow the rate of global warming. We have done enough to destroy our planet and we must help her start to heal and recover.

Earth Hour 2008

I hope that you will join us.

January 16, 2008

Absolutely Disgusting & Disturbing!!

Huckabee wants to *amend* the Constitution to fit "God's standards". HELLO?? This is the most disgusting, disturbing, insane thing I've heard from the GOP camp in a while. Seriously, I realize that a lot of Christians think their beliefs are the ONLY beliefs out there despite the fact that there are numerous religions worldwide. But changing the Constitution to become his religious document will change our whole country...and NOT for the better!

I'm just totally disgusted right now. Here is what I'm referring to: Huckabee: Amend the Constitution

No matter what your religious beliefs are you should be disturbed about this. No one person or group should want to change the Constitution to fit their personal beliefs. What happens if you are Christian but not the "right" kind. What if you are an open-minded Christian? What if you are Jewish? Making changes like this can EASILY slip into other things. What's next?

We should all be VERY afraid of Huckabee!