May 26, 2008

How does your garden grow?

We have officially started our garden for this year. :-) Yea! We've had asparagus since last year. It grew this year and we had some stalks but they are still tiny. They flowered so we cut them back today while we were out working on the garden. We added soil to our garden, as it is a raised bed and needed more. We then put in several plants that we bought yesterday: cantaloupe, orange/yellow/red bell peppers, sweet basil, and tomatoes. We planted seeds for the following: corn, bush beans, peas, pumpkins and cucumber. We have one cherry tomato plant and that went in a clay pot on the deck. Our compost pile seems to be coming along nicely too. :-)

Hopefully we will be enjoying the fruits...and veggies....of our labor soon.

May 22, 2008

Morgan's brush with fame

Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana is filming her newest movie here in middle TN. Her home is between us and Nashville and they are filming several parts of the movie here in our town. Yesterday I took Morgan downtown to see if we could see them filming. Well, we could. :-) We watched about 20 minutes of filming and then Miley & Emily (plays Lily) got a break and came over to sign autographs. We got pictures and autographs from both of them. It wasn't too crowded but the people that were there "swarmed" when the 2 girls came over. Both Miley & Emily were very sweet to all the girls. Morgan was thrilled and was quite squeally and bouncy afterwards. The whole thing was about 25 minutes and then we headed off to bowling.

Today she begged me to take her up there again and I consented, figuring this isn't something that happens that often. We picked up a friend & took her too. Well, don't you know that yesterday was our lucky day. Today they spent a lot of time under the time looking at previous scenes, filming scenes with extras and then took a loooong lunch break. The girls were disappointed but I explained that this is how it is on "star stalking" (as Corey puts it)...sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you don't.

I am uploading the pictures now and will put a photo link over on the sidebar ====>>

May 21, 2008

Farm Fresh!

There is nothing better than food plucked fresh from the earth. This morning we picked up our 3rd weekly share from the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Oh what a bounty and the season hasn't even really picked up yet. Today, in our boxes, we received 2 overflowing pints of strawberries, 2 bundles of spring onions, a huge head of lettuce (speckled butter crunch, I think), green cabbage, a decent head of broccoli, a bunch of radishes (French Breakfast variety),and a bundle of asparagus (oooh yum!!). The past 2 weeks we've also received more strawberries (7 overflowing pints worth), cucumbers, Cherry Belle radishes, speckled butter crunch & red leaf lettuces, spring onions, baby spinach and mustard greens. We also get meat & eggs from the CSA. Today was a chuck roast, chicken breasts, bacon, pork chops and a dozen eggs. The past 2 weeks brought us 2 roasts, pork sausage, chicken quarters, steaks and a dozen eggs both weeks.
All of the food is organic or from Amish Farms (grown/raised organically without being certified). It is truly wonderful. Definitely some of the tastiest food we've eaten. For us this is the best thing since we can't grow it or raise it ourselves. We are really looking forward to the next 23 weeks worth of shares. :-)

Here is a link to the CSA we have joined....

May 15, 2008

Wii finally did it

The lovely stimulus package arrived last Friday. Wii put money into the kids' savings accounts, our accounts, and decided to go ahead with the option wii had been thinking about. Wii gave the kids money to spend together (or much less to spend separately). They first decided to get Guitar Hero for the PS2 and so Corey took them to the store. Turns out that Sony isn't replenishing the stock of GH for the PS2. The kids were disappointed to say the least. Corey was asking the clerk about the Wii and how long it usually took when on the waiting list,etc. He said that he thought he had one in the back if he was interested. After talking to the kids (seriously now) they said yes. I received a phone call from them and received the message via very excited scream "Wii got a Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!" LOL!

Sooo...wii finally bit the bullet and joined the Wii Club! The kids got to stay up late and play a few games. Then Corey and I played bowling for about an hour. Not bad considering I'm sick... coughing my head off & feeling like crapola. Today has been all about trying out the various games and planning for future game purchases.

May 13, 2008

Spring Sickies

Well ick! Alex was sick all last week. He had a fever off/on...anywhere from 99-103...and headaches. Then he developed a slight cough & runny nose, neither of which caused him any problem. Then over the weekend all that was gone but his asthma kicked up. So we were doing breathing treatments with him, he coughed half the night and wasn't sleeping very well. Mother's Day was good and he felt better. Morgan started coughing Sunday night...a wet, congested cough. She has it pretty good now. Alex and I started coughing late last night. I am feeling it this morning. Yuck!

I hope the sickies get out of here quick.

May 7, 2008

Not on the Test

Just *one* reason to homeschool. :-) You've got to listen to the song. It really does depict the school system today....unfortunately.