September 25, 2007

Where is Autumn??

Ok, it is officially Autumn but we don't have the gorgeous weather that is supposed to come with it! We had a week of teaser weather but it hasn't returned yet. Please come back cool weather! We miss you. We know we won't be getting the beautiful, color palette of leaves this year due to the drought but we would welcome the cool weather with open arms.

Over the weekend we bought a chiminea at Lowe's. It is similar to the one in the link. We can't wait to use it. Corey already cut up the wood from the cedar stump in our yard so we have some lovely cedar wood to burn. Gawd it smells so good! Alex wants to roast marshmallows. lol

We also had soccer games and soccer pictures. About 4 hours at the soccer field and unfortunately it was a HOT day! Ugh.

On Sunday Corey's brother came to visit. He's in the reserves and was activated for a year. Thankfully he is NOT being sent to Iraq but is stationed at the military hospital at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. This is really great because it is only 2 hours from us and about 2 hour from their stepbrothers over in Tullahoma. So while he will miss his wife and boys, he does have 3 brothers & their families close by. Once he gets his schedule we plan on having a lot of visits.

We head up to New York in 2 weeks! I can't weather, beautiful colored leaves!! And hopefully some apple picking. I'm checking on apple orchards so we can go apple picking.

We are off to my brother's house to pick up our new kitten! I'll post pics after we get home.


At 8:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least NY will be much cooler for you all. Winter will come faster than you know it and you will beg for this wonderful weather!!


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