September 10, 2007

Where have I been?

Goodness it has been a while since I've written anything here. Sorry! :-) All of our fall activities have started, we've been doing stuff with GC to help her & enjoy some of the time off she had recovering from her surgery. She's doing great! Alex and I took her to the mall to pick up her glasses and she walked all cane, no wheelchair, no nothing. It was great. She starts back to work, very part-time, tomorrow. Today she started physical therapy.

Both kids are bowling in the fall homeschool bowling league and doing good. They are both doing soccer this fall as well. We've had practices and first games already. I think both coaches are very good in different ways. Alex's coach admits he isn't a soccer guru but wants his son & the others to enjoy the game & have fun. He has had some help so he can teach them the basics and learn parts of the game. Perfect coach for this age group as far as I'm concerned. Morgan's coach is a very sweet guy & his daughter is on the team. He's good at soccer and is great at communicating to the girls, even during the games to help them learn the process of the game. He switches them around from offense to defense and they take turns being goalie. Again, perfect for this age group & level. :-) Morgan's dance classes are going well so far. We had to get her new tap & jazz shoes because her feet grew over the summer. LOL! Thankfully we bought her ballet shoes big right before recital so those are still good.

We've had horrible drought conditions here in our area...heck the whole state. Check out this interactive graphic:
TN Summer 2007 Drought

We finally got some much needed rain yesterday. Not nearly enough...we are over 20 inches short of what we should have at this point. Everything is dead or almost dead. The leaves have already turned on a bunch of trees and are falling off. Fall will not be the colorful delight it normally is.


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