July 24, 2007


Time, time...it is time for a lot of things right now. It is time for us to send in our notice of intent to homeschool this year. It is time to get ready to start hs'ing for the year. The kids are actually asking for school work. Shocking I know. LOL! I need to go through the books and workbooks that we have and see what we need, if anything, for starting back up. It is also time for GC to have her back surgery. It will be major as they are fixing a lot of problems and fusing 3 vertebrae together for stability. I will be taking care of her so we will be crazy busy for a few weeks. Part of me thinks I must be nuts trying to start back to school right now but I really think it will give the kids something to do, something consistent during the next few weeks. Dance classes and bowling league and such don't start back up until the end of August so we don't have to fit that in our schedule right now.

I finished reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince but Morgan hasn't finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows yet...so I'm in a holding pattern. ;-) But in all honesty the next few days will be busy getting everything ready for the following weeks and then I will have plenty of reading time at the hospital while waiting for mom's surgery.


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