July 15, 2007


Sorry to go MIA on everyone. :-) I have recovered very well from my surgery on 7/3. I had just one bad day (7/4) and it has gone smoothly since then. Each day has been better than the previous one....well, okay, in terms of recovering it has been. My upper 3 incisions are almost completely healed and the 4th incision (site of the hernia repair also) is doing well. I visit the surgeon tomorrow morning for my post-op visit.

Saturday we went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with the HP Club. The movie was great. I know a lot was left out, but gawd, a lot was left out of number 4 and this book was longer & the movie shorter. I think they got the main points of the story. We all enjoyed it. This coming Friday we are helping out & attending a pre-release party for the book at the library with the HP Club. THEN we are going with my brother to a release party at Borders. Morgan is very excited...yes, yes, I am too! :-) Alex will either be with my mom or at home with Corey, just depending on what the evening brings.

Alex has an appointment with Dr. W. (child psychiatrist) on Tuesday so we can discuss how he's doing on his medication. Corey and I don't think this dosage is doing him any good. We think he actually did better on the lower dosage. So we will see how the appointment goes.

On July 30th my mom will be having her back surgery. I'm taking her to the hospital that morning and will be there during her surgery. I'll be staying with her at home once she is released as well. She's going to need quite a bit of help at first. She's getting very nervous but we are all ready for her to have the surgery and move on to what life brings afterwards. Being able to move around, walk and live her life without constant pain would be excellent.


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