June 15, 2007

Kelly's weight loss & doctor update

I had my follow up appointment yesterday and met the new Nurse Practioner. I really like her and will be seeing her next time as well. She filled out the referral for the surgeon and everything else is going okay. I received a call this morning that the referral is all set and I go see the surgeon on Monday morning. Eek...this surgery might be soon. I'm not really nervous, well okay a little bit, but only because I've never really had surgery before. I had a tubal after Alex but I was already in the hospital, the epidural was still in place & it was quick..or so it seemed. It was part of the same hospital stay as his delivery. This will be different if that makes sense.

On to the weight loss part. I felt like weighing this morning, I usually do it on Monday mornings...but I'm down another 4 pounds. That is a total of 21 pounds so far!! WOOOO! I'm so excited. *Happy Dance Happy Dance*


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