May 31, 2007

Lost - Teeth #13 & #14

Morgan lost 2 teeth tonight at bedtime. They are #13 & 14 for her. Both teeth have been loose for a while. One bothered her tonight at dinner and the other already has the permanent tooth growing in beside/behind it. She pulled one and then tried to pull the other before having me take over & do it. The first one came right out...she barely touched it. The next one needed some convincing (but needed to come out).

Today I took her up to the bowling alley so she could bowl her 3 games for the league & get her scores counted. She did good the first game but not so good the next 2. I think it was harder than she thought not having teammates to take turns with,etc. Afterwards we stopped at Hobby Lobby to look for a gift for her dance teacher. At first we decided to make a special picture frame, adding letters & dance symbols to it but then she saw some unstuffed, stuff-them-yourself teddies and outfits and decided she wanted to make a ballerina bear. We got a small, white bear and some pink tulle for a tutu. We also found a charm of ballet slippers to make a necklace for the bear. When we got home Morgan got the poly-fil and started stuffing the bear. She helped sew it closed. It had a velcro closure in the back but we wanted it more secure. Then she strung the charm onto some stretchable cording she has. Later this evening we worked together on making the tutu. I did 4 layers of the tulle & then just ran thread through it & pulled it to create a gathered skirt. We fit it around the bear & sewed the seam. Then we fit the necklace on the bear. It looks so cute!

Morgan is very excited about her dance recital tomorrow night. Her dances are #2, 10 and then #7 following intermission (2nd to the last dance of the show). I can't wait to see it myself. Hopefully everyone will arrive on time so we don't have a problem with tickets & such. I hope Alex handles it all well. He's had a rough couple of days but did pretty good at dinner tonight. So I'm hopeful. Oh, at some point today he decided he wanted to do the homeschool bowling league in the fall. LOL! Not sure what prompted that since he hasn't wanted anything to do with bowling but we shall see.


At 6:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cannot belive I lost two teeth!
I love bowling!!!


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