June 9, 2007

Sunny Saturday

Alex did great sleeping over at GC's house. He got to stay up late, play lots of games with her and have pancakes for breakfast. He called us about 8:30 this morning to say hi and talk. GC was trying to get some more sleep. LOL! We think Kali was missing having her early morning buddy around and started attacking our feet early this morning. We started the hose up for the pool about 9'ish and Corey trimmed around the garden. He also started working on the stump in the backyard. Our neighbor saw him & came out with his chainsaw to help. The stump was cedar and smelled so good after they cut it. Later in the afternoon we met up with Alex and GC at Beef O'Brady's. Alex wasn't ready to come home with us and was very upset that he couldn't go back to GC's house & stay another night. After we got home we started the hose filling the pool again...still? LOL We all played Operation, the new game Alex got while at GC's house, and then headed out to the movies. We took them to see Shrek the Third. We really enjoyed it. Afterwards we went to the new ice cream shop (shares the same parking lot as the theatre) and it was delicious!! The kids got to stay up late, Corey got paged so had to work some.

Our neighbor has helped us out quite a bit and is very nice. He brought over brownies that his wife made for the kids one day. He has also planted canteloupe & watermelon plants with them right where our properties meet. The kids and I are going to make some Almond Chocolate Balls (Paula Deen's recipe) and take them over for the neighbors as a thank you. :-)

I'm not sure what we will be doing tomorrow other than to finish filling up the pool so hopefully we can USE it. Egads...we are dying to get in it.

Oooh...just have to share again...we might be going to Tampa with Corey at the end of the month. Oh please, oh please, let it work out.


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