June 3, 2007

Sunday Sundry

The dance recital went great. Alex was so good during the performances. It was great to have my mom, brother and aunt there to see Morgan dance. We missed having Tish there but poor thing got stuck at work & there was nothing she could do about it. She was able to meet up with us afterwards and go to dinner. I took some pictures & will get them up soon. While at dinner Friday night we saw several families from the recital as well as Morgan's dance teacher & the owner of the dance studio and then we saw one of Alex's soccer teammates. LOL! Columbia isn't very big and there are only so many places to eat. ;-)

On Saturday the kids and I went to Franklin to pick up our CSA share from the farmer's market. We wandered around & picked up a few other things. Then we went to the barn to meet up with Tish. We got a tour (man that place is nice!) and got to visit with her horse, Brady. We went to grab some lunch & come back to watch her ride but got lost & turned around. I decided we had spent too much time getting lost so we didn't go back to the barn. We then found our way to my brother's work to give him their portion of the veggies & strawberries. Finally got the kids some lunch & headed home in rain. We need it badly but unfortunately it didn't make it down to us. I had to go back over to the recital theatre to pick up Morgan's dance pictures. They turned out great so I'll have to get them scanned into the computer.

Today we bought a pool and started setting it up but we need to level out the spot for it. We tried it in a couple places in our backyard and the slope is just enough to cause problems. Blech! Huge bummer for all of us because we are dying to get in it. LOL! The kids planted canteloupe & watermelon with our next door neighbor. My mom came over for dinner and we grilled some shrimp & corn. Then had a delicious lemon cheesecake pie for dessert. It was a cheesecake in a graham cracker pie crust with lemon curd on top (like a lemon meringue pie). Oh heavenly & just perfect for a hot day.

I think we are ready for the week to begin. Corey turns over the on call pager duty tomorrow morning. Yeah! I'm not sure what day, if any, he will take off for his comp day. We just have park day with authors' club, doctor appts, and bowling this week. But that's enough. ;-)


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