June 12, 2007

Tuesday update

The kids have turned into little fish or ducks. LOL! They are out in the pool every chance they can get. Corey and the kids went bowling on Sunday afternoon. Alex did great and actually bowled on a regular lane. He found his method and even got a spare at one point. He was very proud of himself. Morgan is adjusting to her new ball, trying to work on an approach, and such. We watched Duma with the kids Sunday evening and all of us really liked it. A young boy & an orphaned Cheetah cub. Then last night Corey, Morgan & I watched Music and Lyrics and we all really liked it.

Today I took Alex to see the Child Psychiatrist. She believes he does have ADHD and that his angry outbursts are due to his frustration with the whole thing. He & I both liked her and he talked to her some. He was quite good in her office but she did get to witness his continuous motion & inattentiveness. She has started him on Strattera and gave us samples. He started it tonight after dinner and did fine swallowing the capsule in a spoonful of applesauce. Yea! We missed our homeschool park day but we didn't want to make the drive for a really short park day because of the doctor appointment. This afternoon the kids and I worked on their science. We are finishing up the body and today's lab was on fingerprints. It was fun.

Tomorrow is homeschool bowling and playing catch up with the laundry. I swear I get it down to almost nothing and it starts multiplying while I'm not looking. ;-) I'm sure if it isn't raining and the pool is still standing than the kids will want to be swimming as well.


At 6:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got an official diagnosis. I know its worried you.

I'm so jealous over the pool. We don't have room for one, or I'd have set one up already!


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