June 29, 2007

Time for another round of catch up

Most days I don't feel that busy but some how I still end up getting behind. This seems to be another of those times. Corey was out of town on business for the first part of the week so the kids and I were on our own. We did fine although we did miss him. We did our usual library visit, park day, bowling league and added in a lunch here and a prefect meeting at HP Club. We received our butterfly larvae in the mail on Monday and that was exciting. They come all set in their own container supplied with food. All we have to do for now is keep the container upright (which means hands off to Alex) and watch them. After about 7-10 days they will all go to the top and spin themselves into their chrysalis and then we move them to the butterfly house (net thingie) that we have. They are already getting quite fat & fuzzy. On Thursday I went in to do all the pre-admission stuff for my surgery...lots of questions, a little blood draw & talking to the anesthesia nurse. We are all set for Tuesday morning.

We got the wire to finish off our fence and had my brother come over to do the gate & the wire (below the bottom board) but the weather didn't cooperate so we will have to try again next week on his day off. We haven't had much rain at all and it rains when he is supposed to come over and work on finishing the fence. I told him that we need to schedule him coming over more often and maybe we can catch up on the rain we need as well. lol

My mom will be keeping the kids Monday night & Tuesday so Corey can be with me for surgery. I have to report to Same Day Surgery at 6am which is why mom is taking the kids Monday night. LOL! The kids will get her up early enough without us having to drop them off at 5am. ;-)

We think we are going to have to write off our pool disaster as a mistake and cut our losses. A real bummer I tell ya but it isn't making sense to continue putting money into it when we aren't sure it is a good solution. We can't be sure it will remain level while the pool is up plus once we take it down for winter we will have to start over next summer. Soooo... sucks all around.

Tomorrow we are having a girls lunch out in Franklin. My mom, Morgan, Tish, and I are meeting up with my aunt & cousin at Stoveworks for lunch and then wandering around The Factory. This is where the neato fairy grotto is and there is the pottery painting shop and a scrapbooking store... to name a couple of our favorites.

I recently heard from my dad and he will be in the states on vacation in August. They are planning on coming to TN and we will all get to see him & my stepmother while they are here. It will be good to see them again and they get to see our house as well as Michael & Tish's house for the first time. Yea! :-) They should be up here about the middle of August.

Speaking of August...we have several family birthdays in August and I must start thinking about birthday gifts!! Ack!


At 3:52 PM, Blogger HistoryGirl1977 said...

yup, cause all the cool ppl have birthdays in August!!


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