June 21, 2007


Oh my we had zucchini everywhere! Tish gave us a couple from her friend's garden that were HUGE! Her friend has horses and they use the manure for fertilizer and apparently it works really well. LOL! We also had some from our CSA share so Morgan and I set to grating the zukes. We used 2 cups of freshly grated zucchini right away in a batch of zucchini bread. I used my Pampered Chef mini bundt stoneware and they came out perfect...and so cute. And delicious! :-) We all split 2 and then wrapped & froze the remaining 4. We have 3 quart freezer bags full of grated zucchini in the freezer. Oh, and that doesn't include 2 regular sized zukes that we saved for grilling. We plan on making more zucchini bread/muffins. We also have a bit of summer squash that I'm going to make a squash casserole to share. Tish's mom will be coming up soon for some recuperation after back surgery and I want to make some for them to have so they don't have to cook so much.

Speaking of back surgery. My mom is gearing up for her's. She talked to the P.A. at the neurosurgeon's office about her MRI results. There is more deterioration and they are still on course for what they had planned to do during her surgery. He is going to talk to the doc and get the surgery scheduled. They are aiming for July 30th or August 6th, both dates are a Monday and mom would prefer this. But sometime during these 2 weeks would be acceptable I'm sure. She's still in a lot of pain but it isn't quite as severe as the week of Memorial Day. She'll be glad to have this all done.


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