July 6, 2007

Recovery & HP stuff

Recovery from my surgery hasn't been too bad all-in-all. Wednesday was by far the worst day. I did try taking 2 pain pills before bed and boy o boy do they work on me. LOL! I don't move in my sleep and I wake up still lightheaded & dizzy. However, Thursday was pretty good and today has been better. I felt ready so took the kids out to the library. It went okay although I was ready to come home and felt a little lightheaded. Weird. While at the library we talked to the HP Club advisor about the upcoming pre-release book party and the private showing of HP 5 that the club is doing. We can't wait! I was telling Mecca that we have come recipes for HP type of snacks for the pre-release party. We are going to help out as much as possible. If anyone has any cool ideas for decorations or snacks let us know. :-)


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