July 22, 2007

A Harry Potter weekend

Well, it has been a Harry Potter weekend for our family. On Friday we got Morgan's hair color, she opted for purple instead of pink, and some snack stuff. Then we went to the library to help decorate. It looked really cool by the time we were done (a bunch of us were there). After that we came home and made & organized our goodies. We made chocolate covered spider legs and magic wands. We filled a jar with Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans and 2 bags of regular flavored jelly beans just to mess with people...never know what you will get. ;-) We filled a jar with a variety of owl pellets (bridge mix) and then did a jar with dried flubberworms (sour patch worms). LOL! Then we got everyone ready. Corey decided to be Sirius Black after all. We attended the library party from 7pm-9pm and it was fun. Lots of snacks, butterbeer, and fun. We played HP Scene It - 2nd edition (first 5 movies), had a costume contest (Morgan won 3rd place and got a new wand that lights up), and played a variety of games. Then we headed into Cool Springs to meet up with Michael and my mom. Mom took Alex back to her house and Morgan, Corey & I headed into Borders. Oohh...after someone backed into us in the parking lot (no damage). We waded through the crowd to see what all was going on. We saw so many people dressed as characters...even saw a Dobby and a Hedwig -- that was a good one! In the children's section they had a Whomping Willow (funoodles as limbs), wand making, and games. They had a trivia game around the customer service desk and palm reading in the New Age/Inspiration/Tarot section. We decided to get in line for a palm reading. That was fun. Michael found us at that point and we wandered some more. It was already crowded when we got there and every minute it got more & more crowded. Corey got in line for coffee..and an hour later was at the register to place his order. Egads!! We found some friends from the library and visited with them a bit. Morgan started getting tired and bored. The crowd was too much and it wasn't what she thought it was going to be. She tried to get into the costume contest but either you had to pre-register or they only took a certain number total or something because she didn't get to enter. She was bummed. At 11:30pm they had the people in the first group (7 groups each with a different colored wristband) line up. At 11:55pm we knew we weren't going to be doing anything until after 1am, if that early. It was so disorganized and getting more & more crowded. We decided that Morgan had enough of the book release party experience (and so had we) and we headed out after telling our friends we were leaving. We went 3 blocks away to the 24 hour Kroger (grocery store) and got in a line of 25-30 people. LOL! At midnight the books were handed out and we were out of the store by 12:20am. We stopped & picked up Alex and got home about 1:15am...definitely before we would have received our book at Borders. Can you believe that I didn't have my camera for any of it?!? No costume pics, no nothing. Hopefully the HP Club will have some from that party and I can get a copy.

The kids and I slept late on Saturday and Morgan started reading the book as soon as she got up. We were all wiped out from the day before so had a very slow day. We played a game of Life, read a lot and then had waffles for dinner. Yum. :-) My brother finished the book by noon on Saturday. Dedicated dude. Morgan is about 1/3 of the way through it and I'm about 2/3 of the way through book 6. Michael has already told me to hurry up so I can read book 7. LOL! I think he wants someone to talk to about it. I'll be waiting until Morgan is finished and I'm sure I won't be reading it before the weekend or Monday. But Mom's surgery will give me time to read at the hospital.

Today wasn't so much about Harry Potter. Morgan & I went over to GC's house to help her clean and get the house ready. Her back surgery is next Monday and she's in overdrive to be all prepared. Next weekend we will give everything a once over and that will be that.


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