July 19, 2007

Preparing for release parties - HP & DH

The library and HP Club are putting on a pre-release party for HP & DH tomorrow evening from 7-9pm. We have all decided to dress up at the last minute and the rush has been on. LOL! Alex will be a little wizard and I made him a cape/robe out of an electric blue material with gold glitter stars on it. Morgan will be Nymphadora Tonks ("Tonks") and will be wearing jeans, a t-shirt with "Weird Sisters" on it and pink hair (temp spray). I will be Molly Weasley and have made myself an outfit. I had a patchwork apron top that wasn't complete so I added to it with some various color & size blocks and I made a skirt out of some very bright print. I also made a little drawstring-type bag to carry around. We are going to put some glitter in a small container and label it as floo powder. :-) Corey is going to be.... well, HE hasn't decided yet! ROFL Most likely Sirius Black. I've been sewing all afternoon & evening and managed to get all finished. Yea!

I figure we will stay dressed up for the release party at Borders. Continue the fun, ya know.

Now that the sewing is done I just have to make snackies for the HP Club party. We are making magic wands and cockroach clusters. ;-) Sounds delish, huh? You know you want some!


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