August 26, 2007

Time flies...

when you are busy and trying to get your life back into some semblance of "normal". LOL! At least normal for us I should say. :-) GC is doing great and has become bored with staying home alone, can already walk further & stand longer at 3 weeks post surgery than she has been able to do for the past few years (and without a cane or anything now!!).

We have had my brother's birthday (Aug 15th), a visit from my dad & stepmom (who live in Saudi Arabia), our 7th anniversary (Aug 18th) which Corey had to work a long change window - yuck, shopping, getting GC to an eye exam for glasses, homeschool summer bowling league awards, HP Club starting back up at the library, dealing with record breaking heat & 118 year drought, and Corey's 29th birthday (Aug 25th). Phew!! :-) Soccer starts this coming week, dance classes start this coming week, and homeschooling fall bowling league starts this week. Egads!

Michael made us a new gate the other day, the other was incomplete & he didn't like how it was turning out so he made a new one. It is great, we love it and it means we officially have a fenced backyard. Now if we just had some nice green grass. ;-)

Today was my stepmom's birthday - Happy Birthday Patsy! She's in Calgary with my dad on their vacation. Hope they are enjoying it. I'm jealous because I know it is cooler than here. ;-) It is also the birthday of our friend David out in California. He is the wonderful husband of our great friend, Heather, Aunt Heather to the kids as she is their Goddess Mother (the pagan equivalent to a Godmother). :-) So Happy Birthday David!

Well...enough catching up. Off to tuck in the kiddos and watch a movie with my wonderful husband of 7 years & 1 day...if he can stay awake. Poor guy had to work 2 change windows...on his birthday! ... from 8p-10p and then 1:30a-5:30a...and then the kids woke us up at 8:15a with their delightfully loud "discussions". Can you FEEL the sarcasm? ;-)


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