August 5, 2007


GC has been home from the hospital since Friday afternoon. Michael was here to help me get her all settled and stuck around for a bit. Thank goodness because after we got her settled I realized she had 2 pages of prescriptions that needed filling, plus we needed real groceries in the house. Diet Coke and chocolate chip cookies will only take you so far. ;-) After dropping off the prescriptions at Walgreens I headed across the street to Publix. I took my time and picked up some healthy stuff for us to eat. Then headed back to Walgreens. 2 of the medications they didn't have enough of to fill and they wouldn't for a week! Of course these were the 2 controlled substances. Ack!! They had called the pharmacy at Kroger (also across the street) and they had them but I had to take the prescriptions over there since they are controlled substances and by state law can't be transferred by phone,etc. Oh, and the other prescriptions were almost ready. So I head to Kroger, run into their pharmacy & give them the prescriptions. Well, since mom had never had stuffed filled there had to answer questions, thankfully I knew the answers, and they needed her insurance card. Ack...thank goodness I had her purse in the car. Run out to the car & get her wallet, find the insurance card & give it to the lady. I tell her that I have groceries in the car will it be long and she says "just a few minutes" and they have a drive-up window that I can pick up the prescriptions. Yea, it was in the upper 90's and I didn't want my refrigerated items to spoil! Soo...crank the a/c on high and get ready to head back to Walgreens when my brother calls. Mom is in pain, what is at the house? Umm...she has pain medication from before surgery that she can have but they can't find it....they looked in the usual spots. Well, don't you know it is in her purse, which is in the car with ME! Egads. I tell them I'll hurry...back to Walgreens & get those prescriptions and then over to Kroger & get those. *PHEW* Hurry back home. It sucked that I had her purse with the pain medication in it but thank goodness I did have it because we couldn't have gotten her prescriptions at Kroger without her insurance card!

We've been working on getting into a groove. Thankfully mom isn't nearly as loopy as she was in the hospital. I think eating better, sleeping better, moving around more & such is really helping. I had to write down her medication schedule because she has 1 pain pill for main pain control, a muscle relaxer and another pain pill for breakthrough pain but she can't take them all at once or the 2 pain pills within an hour of each other. She'd NEVER be able to deal with that alone. She's getting up and moving around on her own though. My brother will be here Mon-Tues and then Thur-Fri. So I'll be home with Corey and the kids. They are coming over late this afternoon for dinner and visiting. Poor Alex is having a hard time with Mommy being gone so much. :-(

In other news, Morgan will be continuing with homeschool bowling league and dance classes. She'll be trying soccer this fall as well. The musical theatre class she took last fall will not be going on because the teacher had a new baby and needs some time. Hopefully next fall! Alex will be continuing with soccer and is thinking about bowling and tap classes. We shall see.

It has been hot as you-know-what around here lately. Columbia hit 101 yesterday and Spring Hill was about 99. Crazy hot...with the humidity & haze to go with it. Mom is lucky she doesn't have to go outside in it. I'm trying to water her plants but yee-gads there is only so much you can do against that type of sorching heat.

Happy Lammas to all our friends out there. We miss you all like crazy. I hate not having a group to celebrate with anymore. :-( Can I move you all up here?? We can all go in together and buy a big piece of land! :-)


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