August 1, 2007

Hospital Days

The past few days have been hospital days. GC had her back surgery Monday morning. The surgery took 6 hours, went very well according to her surgeon and is expected to have good results. The medications they have her on are making her one loopy lady...heck, beyond loopy! Michael and I have been visiting a lot. Tish came to visit on Tuesday. Thank goodness, her timing was perfect!! I had just had a scary moment with mom waking up in a panic, hanging up on me on the phone & Tish arrived right then and was able to talk with mom, check on her and call me to reassure me that all was okay. *phew*

Today Michael went to visit this morning and I headed up at lunch time. Mom had a rough night last night and was oh so loopy today. She had me in stitches quite a few times because she was talking such nonsense and was rambling on, apparently about work stuff. LOL! She did great with the physical therapist and even went for a short walk in the hall. Tomorrow they conquer the stairs. By dinner though I was easily frustrated. I know, shame on me, but it is reality folks. Mom knocked over her iced tea with sugar in it (got everywhere), tried opening the moist towelette to add to her iced tea, burst open the sour cream packet while I was getting paper towels, etc. What a mess. She did manage to eat some. ;-) My aunt arrived around this time and the distraction helped soothe things. I got mom cleaned up and left her in my aunt's very capable hands. :-)

Corey took the kids to the library this evening and they waited dinner on me. So sweet!! He's been working so hard, big project going on at work, plus taking care of the kids, and me. I'm soooo lucky to have him as a husband. Morgan has been really good. Alex has been good too. Both are doing their chores and helping out. They really seem to understand that we need them to behave more than ever during all of this.

I'm trying to keep everyone updated on mom's recovery.


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