August 12, 2007

Homeschool on the fly

We sent in our Intent to Homeschool form for this year and it was received. We know this because it was late and we are supposed to pay a $20 late fee. Wheee. A nice attempt to get money out of the homeschooling families for nothing. Sending in our letter a few days late doesn't change anything, make more work for them or anything..but yet, let's charge them $20/week that they are late...sure. Nice scam, eh?

The kids and I are both ready to start school officially but with GC's back surgery on July 30th that hasn't really been possible. However, we are finding ways of getting some in anyhow. Alex asked to do science the other day...but I was trying to get Morgan & her stuff together so we could get back to GC's before Michael had to leave for work. Poor little guy wasn't too happy about it. However, he has been doing math & other stuff so he is getting some in. I promise that I will do some science as soon as we are all home together. He is helping water and take care of the garden and our neighbor's canteloupe and there is some science in his life right now. :-) Morgan has been doing a lot of reading, visiting the library, writing her book, puzzles, drawing, taking care of plants, Yahtzee and card games where she has to keep score and do math. So officially or unofficially, we are getting education into their day. This is why we are eclectic homeschoolers...some unschooling, some book work, some workbooks, etc. :-) Whatever works for the moment, for the kid and for the topic.


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