August 9, 2007

Another furlough...

I don't even get a full 24 hours this time because the brother was a little late getting to mom's house. He had a good reason though...Tish will be working late & then going to the barn to administer meds to Brady (her horse) so will be really late getting home. He didn't want the 3 dogs staying home to be locked up for 12+ hours so he was trying to let them out for a bathroom break as late as possible before heading to mom's house. Considering the dogs are family and we love them too I don't blame him for wanting to keep them out as long as possible. Stoli got to come with him to mom's so Alex and I had a brief doggie fix and got lots of kisses from Stoli to share with Corey and Morgan. ;-)

Mom is doing really good on her recovery. I'm hoping she won't need someone with her around-the-clock for much longer. I think my little family is getting close to the snapping point. :-/ It is definitely taking a toll on all of us no matter how much we all understand the importance of this. I was late sending out our homeschool letter and we have to pay a late fee to the school district, Alex's medication almost ran out. He didn't actually have to miss any days but he was several hours late getting today's dose and it showed. It didn't go over well this morning with mom so I'm glad that we were heading home soon. I think between the medication being late and the stress of our family turmoil he just isn't handling it very well at all.

Morgan seems to be doing great. Thank goodness. She is coming back to mom's with me tomorrow morning. I don't know when Michael's next day off will be....please not something like Fri. I'll never make it. I had to change an appointment with my psychiatrist that was scheduled for tomorrow morning, we have our CSA pick up on Saturday, the kids have the first HP Club meeting for the 07-08 year on Tuesday evening, bowling awards are Wednesday afternoon and Corey is still on call and non-mobile until Monday morning. Even then he won't be mobile unless his boss has resolved a major problem that has occurred. *sigh* Can I scream yet? Thank Goddess venting helps or I might explode.

My dad and stepmom will be in middle TN at the end of next week. It will be great to see them again. The kids are very excited to see Grandpa Paul and Grandma Patsy. I would love to invite them over to the house so they can see it but it is NOT in shape at this point and I have no idea if I will have any time at home before they come and right now I'd die before I had company over.


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