October 7, 2007

Busy days

Soccer practices, bowling league, poetry workshop, birthday party, soccer games...and now time to pack. That was our week in a nutshell. LOL! I've had to take one thing at a time so I could get through it all. Nothing was a huge deal in & of itself, but I felt like I needed to focus on each one before moving on. So now we've made it through all that and tomorrow will be a busy one...then New York and cool weather here we come! :-)

We pick up the rental car, the kids need to pre-bowl for this week of bowling league, get laundry finished, pack our bags (wedding stuff & cold weather stuff...plus "keep the kids happy in the car" stuff), and take Morgan to soccer practice. We leave early Tuesday morning. The drive is about 15 hours and we've done that in the past, numerous times, but we've decided to break it up into 2 days each way. We will be taking a new route to NY and adding a couple states to our "traveled to or through" list and we are all looking forward to it. One of my FAVORITE things about the trip is the expected cool weather. Seriously, I've been obsessed with the weather forecast and we are supposed to have high temps of the 50s and lows in the 30s & 40s. Heck, Saturday night is expected to be *below* freezing. Yes, you are reading that correctly...and I can't wait!!

Another really cool thing about the trip is that I will be meeting a cyberfriend of almost 10 years for the first time in person. Isn't that cool?? We've known each other since we were pregnant with our first babies...both girls btw...and are finally getting to meet. I think it is fabulous!

My mom is taking care of Parker bunny for us. Morgan and I took him over there today. He seemed fine with the whole thing. I think as long as someone is going to feed him he doesn't care. LOL! My brother & his girlfriend will be taking care of our other babies...Kali & Tux. We are so lucky to have family around that can help out while we are out of town. We feel so much better knowing our furry babies will be in good, loving hands.

It is great having Corey on vacation. He's having a harder time than he thought he would...he has already checked in with work to see how things are. LOL! It doesn't help that they did notify him last night of a big problem. I need to get him to the mountains quickly and hope his cell phone doesn't work. ;-)


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