November 26, 2007

Feeling Thankful

I am surrounded by family. Corey & the kids, of course, and my mom, brother & his girlfriend within 30 minutes of us. My aunt is about an hour away in Nashville. Then we have Corey's brother, Shawn, just 2 hours north (until Sept '08) and then his 2 stepbrothers & their families about 1.5 hours east. The rest of our family is spread out but always in our hearts.

We spent Thanksgiving Day with my brother, his girlfriend, my mom and Corey's brother all at my brother's house. We had fun playing games, visiting, and eating delicious food. We had a nice bonfire outside too. Next weekend we are heading east to visit with the other brothers.

The family is going through a rough time right now with the youngest brother. He could use some good thoughts right now. A friend's husband suffered a heart attack the day before Thanksgiving so we are keeping them in our thoughts too.

While Thanksgiving has come and gone I am feeling thankful. Here is my list:
* Our big, extended family
* My wonderful, supportive, hard-working husband
* My amazing, bright, strong-willed children
* Our good health
* Nice strangers & nearby family members
* Our house
* Our fuzzy children that always help me relax & feel better
* All my friends

I know there is more but this covers most everyone & everything. :-) We are blessed and we appreciate it and are thankful for it.

To all of our family and friends...we love you and appreciate you in our lives. We hope the coming year allows us to see more of you.


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